November 20, 2017
New CJIS Compliance Supervisors

Effective November 16, 2017, Erin M. Oliver and Joilee Hall were promoted to the positions of CJIS Compliance Supervisor. Erin was also appointed to the role of Information Security Officer (ISO).

They can be reached at (502) 782-9936 or (502) 382-6780; (502) 382-6777;

New User Agreements
The Kentucky State Police has a new CSO, Lt Colonel Jeff Medley.  All LINK/NCIC User Agreements must be renewed to be compliant with the FBI CJIS Policy.    The updated User Agreements are under CJIS Documents.  Please have your agencies update all user agreements.

June 23, 2017
CJIS/LINK Newsletter Summer Edition
The newest CJIS Newsletter is now available. It is located under CJIS Documents.

July 27, 2016
New Security Awareness training levels
CJIS Online has been updated! 

The new training level is now ready for you to use. 

This new level is designed to provide baseline security training for all personnel who have un-escorted access to a physically secure location.

All of your current users will remain on the same level as they are assigned to currently. As an example; a user that is on the current Level I will now be on the new Level II. If you wish to change them down to the new Level I,  then State Admins, TAC's/LASO's or Vendor Administrators can make this change. 

Users on this lower level will be required to log in and acknowledge they have completed this level of training. 

The following are the descriptions of the new 4 categories of training from the new policy for your review. Level One Security Awareness Training 
Personnel with Un-escorted Access to Physically Secure Location
(This level is designed for people who have access to a secure area but are not authorized to use CJI.) Level Two Security Awareness Training 
All Personnel with Access to CJI
(This level is designed for people who do not have physical and logical access to CJI but may encounter it in there duties.) Level Three Security Awareness Training 
Personnel with Physical and Logical Access to CJI
(This level is designed for operators who typically have access to enter and modify CJI data.) Level Four Security Awareness Training 
Personnel with Information Technology Roles
(This level is designed for all information technology personnel including system administrators, security administrators, network administrator, etc.)

June 22, 2016
CJIS Security Policy

An updated version of the CJIS Security Policy has been published. It can be located in the CJIS Documents app and also on the KSP Public website.

May 11, 2015
KY License Plate Masks
A current list of KY License Plate Masks, including motorcycle plates, is now available in the CJIS Documents App.

CJIS Training Contact Info
The Kentucky State Police has taken over CJIS Basic Recertification Training for LINK NCIC and all training for Inquiry Only or MDT if you are an agency which needs assistance email the

Helpdesk contact info
KSP COMPUTER ROOM             (800) 858-5465